complementary health and wellness professional based in north carolina

Massage and health consulting for root cause exploration.

Supporting all ages in pursuing better health and better outcomes.

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Massage therapy for all ages and all bodies.
Health consulting focusing on mitochondrial function.

Massage therapy

Massage in Apex, NC

Specializing in working with scars and scar tissue, adhesions, and orthopedic conditions.

Health Consulting

Root Cause Protocol Consultant

Health coaching and consulting using Morley Robbins' Root Cause Protocol paradigm. Focusing on thyroid health.

Pediatric Massage

Massage for Kids

Specialized massage for children and adolescents, including those with disabilities.


I'm Sydney! Massage therapist, Root Cause Protocol Consultant, lifelong learner.

One of my big goals for myself and those I work with is that we would feel empowered to pursue our health and well-being in a way that is authentic, curious, and informed. I'm passionate about sharing useful information, connecting people to resources, and being as good a practitioner as I can be.