I'm Sydney — massage therapist, health consultant, gardener, and small business owner.

I  had some health challenges through my childhood and adulthood, including surgery in infancy, and autoimmune disease in my 20s.

The work I do is influenced by what I have studied and learned while troubleshooting my own health and body. I went into college with a lot of experience working with children. Psychology ended up being my best fit at the time, then 2015 I completed massage school and got licensed. Over time my focus has been shifting from orthopedic massage and Erik Dalton's techniques to a more fascia-oriented approach with a priority on working with scar tissue and adhesions.

One of the best things about being a practitioner is the constant learning.

There is always something new to learn, something different to experience, and the amount of information available is constantly increasing. While this is a perfect formula for overwhelm, I find it exciting and love getting to act as an "information broker." My goal is connect people to useful information, and client education is a priority.

Empowering people to have better knowledge and understanding of their bodies is important.

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ENFP & Enneagram 4w5

A few things I beleive

We have what we need within us, and sometimes we need a little help. I don't view myself as a healer, and I don't fix people. My goal is to help facilitate your body's process.

A few things I beleive

As Byron Katie says, When you argue with reality, you lose every time. It's a reminder to myself daily to practice acceptance of the present moment.